Abortion Video Game; Goal: Murder Police, Priest, Pro-Life Woman and Baby; What Have We Come to?


We are talking about the ending of abortion as we know it. We believe that with the ending of abortion, the Third Great Awakening will break out! Our current administration in America is a supporter for life so now is the time to end this horrible murder of children.

There is tragic news in Argentina that someone has now produced an abortion video game! Reported by EWTN, the video is called “Doomed Baby Fetus” and players work to win an abortion-producing drug by murdering police, priests, and ultimately the baby. This was made to make fun of the Pro-Life movement because currently, Argentina is in the middle of voting to legalize abortion. All life is important, and God is the Creator of all life! In World War I soldiers were unable to kill the enemy, and World War II soldiers had to be trained to be able to kill the enemy. And now many children play video games of murdering! Now the ultimate tragedy has happened with a video game with the sole intent of murdering an innocent life, a baby in a mother’s womb. We need to keep praying for the ending of abortion and also make sure to help support Dr. Alveda King, Executive Producer of, Roe V. Wade The Movie. We want to hear from you! Greg and John shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of Storyblocks.com

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