Gave Their Life, Limb & Self for us – Power, Blessings & Privilege – The Vote


Greg and John share how they voted in the mid-term elections and reminded us of the importance of voting in America. We must remember the many people that lost their lives and fought for our freedom to vote in America and not take that for granted! If you look at other countries, they desire the same freedom that we have in America. In Syria, over 500,000 people are dead because they wanted to have the freedom to vote for their new leaders. In Russia, Vladimir Putin had his competition put in prison and China, Xi Jing Ping put himself as a ruler forever in China. To exercise your constitutional right to vote is so important! You can go to and educate yourself on those who are up for election. It is your vote that determines who will be the next person in leadership in America. Also, if you didn’t vote and are not registered, you can register here because we want to help you exercise your right to vote! We want to hear from you! You can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Jezebel, Rebellion, Division, Confusion – DEFEATED! IF WE PRAY!
WATCH! Jezebel, Rebellion, Division, Confusion – DEFEATED! IF WE PRAY!

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