PROPHECY! Evangelist Steve Hill Wakes Josiah Johnson in a Prophetic Dream. It’s 4:44! Part 1



Have you been crying out for revival and for the third great awakening? If that has been your heart, then this program will encourage you! Josiah Johnson with Christ for All Nations and brother of Jeremiah Johnson spoke with Greg about what God is doing and how a move of God is coming to the Glory Zone! God is doing something amazing in the Glory Zone which is on the Gulf Coast in the United States. You don’t want to miss out on what He is doing!

Josiah talks about his family and he has two sons and has been married for seven years. He grew up as a pastor’s kid and was in an intense environment of the presence of the Lord. It is in his DNA to burn for the movement of God in his generation. Josiah works full time for Christ for All Nations, CFAN, which has had over 78.5 million commitments to Jesus since the 1970’s. Light the Fire Again which is a CFAN conference, is coming to the Glory Zone in Pensacola, Florida, and this is what originally brought Josiah to Pensacola.

Light the Fire Again, LTFA, will have many men and women of God speaking including those who have been involved with huge revivals and moves of God. This includes Carlos Annacondia, Brenda Kilpatrick, Daniel Kolenda, Reinhard Bonnke and more! You can register HERE for free and it is September 4-7, 2019. They plan to have 10,000 people at this gathering and overflow will be at Brownsville Assembly. We are believing for a move of God in Pensacola but also a move that will shake the world! So far over 30 nations have registered for the conference.

Part of his job with CFAN is to mobilize the Church in the Glory Zone to be ready for the conference LTFA. “In the midst of mobilizing for this project, as I began to come in and out of this region, helping to stir up the churches and create awareness not just for the event but more like helping to create the prophetic timeline and lay down the storyline of what the Lord is actually saying about this gathering in this season. We just felt the pull from the Lord to begin to settle in this region, to roll up our sleeves, and go to work participating in what God wants to do. Not just in terms of revival and an awakening but God is building and establishing His ecclesia. He is establishing His governing class, His governing rule. The local Church in this area is beginning to come to life as God is beginning to release His strategic plans for what he wants to do.”

Josiah goes on to share how there is a presence of the Lord settling on the Gulf Coast and that there is a hunger here that he has seen as he visited different Churches. He says that hunger will be the qualifier! He continues, “It is not necessarily going to be the most gifted or talented people that are going to carry the torch in this hour on the Gulf Coast, it will be the ones that are willing, the ones who have made themselves available and said yes to the Lord.”

As a move of God is quickly approaching it is a good reminder to be awakened to light the fire again in our hearts and to be ablaze with the glory of God! Pastor Kilpatrick, shared a prophetic word that Dr. Yonggi Cho gave. God said to Dr. Cho, first I will pour out My Spirit on Pensacola, Florida, “It will burn like a match head, bright, and it will be powerful…then it will go over to the Mississippi River and it’ll back up across Florida again; come down into the Peninsula Florida, go up the East Coast, down to the West and Southwest, shoot out the Northwest; and before My coming all of America will be ablaze with the Glory of God.”

Next, Josiah shares a prophetic dream that God gave him before he moved to the Glory Zone. In this dream Steve Hill, the evangelist and prophet who was a part of the Brownsville Revival, visited Josiah. He had never met Steve Hill or been to Brownsville Assembly of God. In the dream Steve was shaking and pouring sweat under the anointing of God as he was preaching and prophesying, from the stage at Brownsville, about the move of God that is coming. He was shouting and saying for everyone to get ready. Josiah was sitting in the front row as he listened.  Steve walked up to Josiah and pointed at him and told him to stand up. Before he could stand up Steve grabbed him by his shirt and stood him up, so they were face to face. Steve began to shake Josiah violently and began to yell, WAKE UP. He said it over and over and then said wake up it is 4:44 and finally Steve said wake up now.

Josiah then woke up from his dream and looked at his clock and the time was 4:44. He felt the fear of the Lord and was trembling as he began to pray in the spirit and the Lord gave him Ezekiel 44:4.

“Then he brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple, and I looked, and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the temple of the Lord. And I fell on my face.” Ezekiel 44:4 ESV

We must pay attention and WAKE UP! A few days before a meeting with Greg Josiah felt confronted by the Lord as He asked Josiah to stay in the Glory Zone. He felt the question from the Lord was will he stay and roll up his sleeves and work with those who have already been in the field plowing for many years. He wants to be an encouragement and strength to help plow to till up some of the fallow ground to get it ready for what God is doing.

Knowing that God had asked him to move, Josiah asked God to speak to his wife as he wanted her to hear directly from God. The morning of his meeting with Greg God did speak to Josiah’s wife and she felt the call to move to the Gulf Coast. Josiah knows that their journey as a family, he called it the Abrahamic journey, was to prepare them for this time in the Glory Zone. He says it is not an emotional decision and is answering the call of God with the fear of the Lord as God is calling him and his family to lay down their lives for this move of God and that it is an honor for God to call them to this region.

We are grateful to Josiah and his family for saying yes to God! Get ready and believe for the move of God that is coming to the Glory Zone! Have you prepared for this move of God? Do you live in the Glory Zone? Are you ready for what God is doing? We want to hear from you! Write to us at [email protected]. Greg shared in this segment.

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