Remembering the Holocaust: We will Never Forget



Cassie Lawson shares a brief documentation of what happened during the leadership of Adolf Hitler and in the days leading up to The Holocaust, which resulted in an estimated death of 6 million Jews.

Adolf Hitler was elected into leadership over Germany and during his time as a leader he only thought of Germans as the superior race and that every other race, especially Jews, were inferior. “In 1935, Jews lost their citizenship and right to marry non-Jewish persons. By 1938, thousands of synagogues and Jewish businesses were destroyed. Over 30,000 had been arrested for no other reason than being Jewish.” Jewish business owners found their businesses being marked with a star, so everyone knew it was a Jewish business and all Jews at some point were also marked with Jewish stars. Eventually, all Jews were transported to ghettos, and finally, to concentration camps. Upon arrival at these concentration camps, “people were immediately selected for work or death”. The mass murdering of Jews continued until May 7, 1945, when German forces surrendered to Allied forces.

These are tragic things that were done to the Jews and we can see the reality of evil through actions like this. When someone is not a believer in Jesus Christ they are controlled by darkness which is why these terrible evil actions were done to the Jews. But those who are lost can be saved and can repent and turn to Jesus. There is hope in Jesus Christ and you can read our stories at Meet My Father and be encouraged by how we are all saved by grace. We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: World War II, Europe, Rights, Nazi. Greg shared in this segment.

Image courtesy of FotoRieth from Pixabay

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Sobering Interview with Holocaust Survivor
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