Skills Every Entrepreneur/Business Owner and Leader must Master – Part 1



Many different things are happening at the forefront of business and leadership that requires skills that need to be mastered. We want to help empower you to master the skills needed to succeed wherever you may be. We look at many skills in this segment and will also look at more in part two HERE.

The first skill that is needed by entrepreneurs and business owners or leaders is technology! You can’t be afraid of technology because it is here to stay. We are in a massive explosion of technology and automation and this skill is needed if you want to succeed in your business. Many may get overwhelmed by it or think they can’t learn how to use technology. In this case, they may end up defending what they know instead of wanting to grow. It is easy to get comfortable in what you know, but if you want to grow individually and as a business, you need to learn new things even if it is hard. Technology is your friend! Many hacks are available that will help make your life easier. Something as simple as your smartphone can be a virtual assistant for you, helping you to keep track of appointments and so much more. There are many apps that can be downloaded that can help you to manage your business on the run and make your life easier as well.

The second skill that is needed by entrepreneurs and business owners or leaders is originality! What is your WOW factor? Why would someone choose your company over the competitor? You must keep up with your competitors while at the same time being different and better than them. Bed Bath and Beyond is used as an example of what can happen when you don’t keep up with your competitors. They were the leader in their industry, but as people moved towards shopping online, they did not update their website and adapt to the changes that were happening. They could have stayed successful and a leader in the industry, but now Amazon has taken over, and Bed Bath and Beyond has lost millions of dollars. From the minute your customer drives into your parking lot or opens your website, what is their experience like? Are they a number or a person? Are they a view or a viewer? It is a big difference to see your customer as a person who took the time to visit your business or watch your program versus just a number. We appreciate our audience and see you as a viewer or reader and are looking for ways to connect with you and bless you! We want you to connect with us in our VFNKB Community HERE because we see you like family and want to continue to help you and for you to help us succeed in our daily lives. You also need to remember your “why” because if you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, then how will you succeed? Greg writes about finding your “why” in his book I Will Fight, and you can get you your free copy HERE.

The third skill that is needed by most entrepreneurs and business owners or leaders is social media! It is important because everyone is online today. This does depend on the type of business that you own or work in. For example, a plumbing business would not need a social media account as you could devote valuable time and energy into something that would not yield results. Otherwise, if you are business where you would thrive online, then you must implement this skill. People may not visit your website initially, but they will go to social media to see what others have to say about you. Social media is the information highway! One way to develop your business online is through a hashtag, for example, #VFNKB, when anyone takes a picture at your business or has something good to say about it they can use that hashtag which will lead other potential customers to your social media account. You also want to pick the right social media account that will target your audience because not all outlets will work for your business. At VFNKB coaching, we offer a course on Customer Service in the Age of Social Media, and you can find out more about the course HERE. Finally, if you don’t have time or the knowledge to manage a social media account, hire an employee or a company that has the experience and knowledge to get your company going in the right direction.

The fourth skill that is needed by entrepreneurs and business owners or leaders is relationship building! This is vital with not only your employees who are a part of your team and carrying out your vision but your customers and your community! You are the walking billboard for your business if you are a leader or business owner, so you can build a network and have a good relationship with people which will cause your business to be much stronger. You can’t assume that relationships will happen without you putting in the work to build those relationships. And many people will buy your product or service from you and even work for you because they like you as an individual. Do you value the relationships in your life? If you care about them, then they care about you!

The fifth skill that is needed by entrepreneurs and business owners or leaders is hiring and talent sourcing. Someone is only as good as their talent because if someone only knows a skill but is not talented at that skill, they would not be a good hire for your business. A skill set is not always the leading indicator for a great hire. Also, you need to look at the potential employee to see if they are teachable and willing to do the hard work to learn. Doing hard work helps them to build capacity for growth and to grow into a skilled team member. In business, there is always something new to learn. Someone can be found anywhere in your community to hire because there are diamonds in the rough everywhere. You are always on a job interview no matter where you work, so always do your job well!

In the VFNKB Community, we have created a safe place for leaders, in our communities, who are likeminded and can be there for each other to help each other succeed. It is also a place where we can get to know one another and build a relationship, a network, of leaders and businesses that can be recommended to those looking for their product or services. People are always looking for a trusted business or person, but many have become isolated. The VFNKB Community is the place to be, to be a part of a community, where you can talk about you and build the relationships you need to succeed. Join the community HERE today! Be sure to watch or listen to the full segment, as Greg and John share much more wisdom for you to succeed. Do you have any skills to add to our list? We want to hear from you. Write to us in the VFNKB Community HERE or at [email protected].

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