America is about to Surpass Russia: Number One Producer of Oil; Miracle Oil Boom in America; Prophesy Fulfilled


In previous years America’s economy was not doing well. Unemployment was high, and everything was negative in America. Now we are at the lowest unemployment rate in history for all minorities and a 65 year low for unemployment for women! God is showing us favor and giving us jobs. Only God can do this, and it is amazing to see all the positive changes taking place. It is time to get excited!

Glenn Beck shares about the exciting changes happening in the oil industry, “Yesterday’s moonshot is today’s oil rush…OPEC tried to kill us…U.S. Oil production is now pumping out 10.7 million barrels a day…U.S. production is set to be 12 million by next year, 2019.” This will put America as the number one producer of oil in the world! Which America is now only second to Russia in oil production. This is the blessings of God! America is helping other countries around the world as we have done time and again. God is doing these great things, and we must stay thankful for all that is going on. Kim Clement and Pastor John Kilpatrick prophesied about these positive changes that are taking place. Make sure to check out those prophecies. We want to hear from you! Greg and John shared in this segment.

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‘OPEC TRIED TO KILL US’ Texas set to overtake Iraq and Iran as world’s third largest oil mecca
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