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John Newlin speaks on today’s program, and we will have him for a series of interviews, which you can find them HERE on the VFN Torch. He speaks about his newly released book, Ordinary: An Ordinary Man’s Experience with God, which is a captivating book as he shares from life experiences how he encounters God time and time again!

Who is John Newlin? He is a Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ who has been happily married to Debbie for 48 years. He has two sons, Johnathan who is a doctor and Isaac who is a lawyer. He was born in Wheeling, West Virginia and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. He graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor of Science in 1972 and was ordained and graduated from Liberty Bible College in 1981. He owns and administrates Newlin Chiropractic which is also where his son Johnathan works. His business has won Best of the Bay awards seven years in a row and has grown each year for 20 years! When he isn’t reading his Bible or praying, he is working in his garden, hunting, fishing, or trying hard to listen to his wife so that he might understand her with his heart. He is passionate about serving the Lord, meeting his wife’s needs and helping others to be reconciled to Christ and reach their potential in Him.

John was writing his book for several years, but he was not sure if he should have it published or not. He asked God if it was His will for the book to be released, and the way God answered him is amazing! As he was sitting in a quiet parking lot in his truck, he asked Father God if He wanted him to write this book. After saying that prayer the radio came on and a mans voice started speaking and said, “Why, I been reading so many books, if I could just sell the books I been reading I’d be a millionaire, but I am looking for a book, and I can’t find it. I’ve looked in used bookstores, I’ve looked in new stores, but I can’t find it. It’s a book about an ordinary man’s experiences with God.” Then the voice stopped speaking, and the radio had never been turned on! This is where the name of his book came from.

Men are looking for a practical application of things to their lives, and this book, Ordinary, is just that! It is great for men and women, but it is a book that can open the door for a man to relate to John and the experiences he has faced in life and be drawn closer to the Lord.

John shares about finding his dog, Johnny Cash, the breed is a Catahoula which is the Louisiana state dog. He was hunting and realized that he needed a dog to help when he goes hunting. So, he prayed with his hunting partner for God to give him a Catahoula and then they decided to go to the first house they see to ask if the person can keep their dog (the one they just prayed for) for them when they weren’t hunting. In four miles they come to the house and knock on the door. He first asked about keeping the dog for him once he found the Catahoula but come to find out she breeds dogs and she specifically breeds Catahoula’s! She had one six-month-old Catahoula, and his name is Johnny Cash. He was able to get the dog he asked God for! Being specific in our prayers is important!

Greg shares how he decided to get a dog which happened when he was away for a time to be refreshed at a retreat at Berry College, and he climbed a mountain as he was spending time with God. He was crying out for God to rescue him, as he was going through a hard time, as he climbed with every step he took. He sat on a bench and continue to talk to God. As he sat there a dog came up and threw a pine cone at Greg like he wanted to play catch. So, they threw the pinecone back and forth. That night he had a dream that God showed him that he needed a dog. He specifically wanted a German Shepherd and found a rescue that dealt with German Shepherds, and he found Max, who became his faithful “man’s best friend” to Greg.

Do you have a story about you and your dog like John and Greg? We want to hear it! Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE. Be sure to check out the other segments with more on John Newlin’s interview. You can get your copy of the book Ordinary: An Ordinary Man’s Experience with God, HERE.

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