Co-Laboring/Collaboration and Integrity in the Church: Charles Simpson



We continue the conversation with Charles Simpson as he talks about how there must be co-laboring and integrity in the Church. You can find out more on our previous conversations on the VFN Torch HERE.

Charles is asked the question of how technology has changed the Church? “The more the Church tries to reach the world by worldly methods, the more we get off track.” He says two things are very important to him. One is the integrity of the individual and the second is collaboration with individuals of integrity. Paul called collaboration, co-laboring, in the Bible. “If I have integrity I don’t isolate myself. I look for other individuals with integrity and realize that I don’t have the whole picture, but as I collaborate with other people of integrity, the Lord reveals Himself. He speaks to us because He loves fellowship in groups.” 

The Church must fellowship together and learn to listen to each other. We can impart to each other what God has revealed, which will cause things to go beyond who we are. “If you don’t have integrity, you are not going to function in that.”

Much of the Western culture thrives on narcissism, which doesn’t produce a teachable spirit. If you are not teachable you are not reachable but if you want to grow more in your relationship with God and others you need to be willing to learn and be taught. “We live in a society that is a lot more interested in affirmation than it is instruction and discipline.” Charles continues by saying that our culture sees love as affirming others, but that is not Biblical. It is loving to affirm but also loving someone like your children is disciplining and instructing them. When we read the Bible, we see God giving instructions and discipline while also loving us with a love we can’t even imagine. Who can know the mind of God?

Be sure to watch or listen to hear more. What are your thoughts about collaboration in the Church body? We want to hear from you! Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE.

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