If You Want Success, You Must Serve + The Significance of a Spiritual Father Charles Simpson 



We continue the conversation with Charles Simpson as he talks about how we can find success. You can find out more on our previous conversations on the VFN Torch HERE.

Mark Hamby, the author of You Have Not Many Fathers, wrote that once correction comes, it can be misunderstood, but it is just the father or mother wanting them to succeed. Charles is asked, since most of this generation is not coachable, not willing to deal with their hearts, how do we transcend that?

He says that he doesn’t think we can transcend it. Jesus didn’t save His own generation, but He saved a few. There are always a few who are willing to learn. “If you want to succeed, hang out with someone who is successful, and learn how to serve them.” How can we know that someone will serve God when they can’t serve people? There is value in having a good mentor! Any job you have no matter what you do, you will have to serve someone to learn the job. When we go into a Church gathering, we don’t see this mentoring or discipleship taking place; we see a religious relationship which is more of a feminine type of relationship. A man wants to be challenged, so we also need the masculine side of God in the Church.

The next question to Charles is what does having a spiritual father mean to him? “I don’t want to be without somebody that cares for my soul, and I’m accountable to…the fact is you can’t have authority if you are not under authority because authority is transmitted not self-generated.”

It is humility to be under authority, and when you are connected to someone who loves you and loves God, with that person as your spiritual authority, God will speak to them and confirm what He has told you as well. We can’t be alone because when we fall there will be someone to pick us up if we are with others.  When we are in our place in the Church it flows because we are all doing what we must do to be a family. We must function and be recognized for what we are. “Ministry or Christianity is not a status it’s a journey. Once you take it as a status you are in for trouble.”

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