Two Secrets to Being Established and Successful



Greg shares in this segment how followers of Christ can be established and successful in their walk with Jesus. He walks us through the story of Jehoshaphat written about in the Bible in the book of Second Chronicles. King Jehoshaphat went into covenant with King Ahab and he did not listen to what the prophet of the Lord said to him. King Jehoshaphat realized that he needed to break the covenant with King Ahab and this time he listened to the Lord when he called the prophet again. Because he listened to the voice of the Lord he was established! And he held on to what God told him and through that he was successful and did not die. Not recognizing what God has established is deadly but we can remain dependent on what God is saying through men of God, our Pastors and trusted spiritual leadership, and live a successful life for the Lord. Watch or listen now to hear more and you can get the full series HERE at Vine Fellowship Network.

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