Why VFN Kingdom Business? VFNKB

Greg talks about why VFN Kingdom Business, VFNKB, started and how God called VFNKB to impact the seven mountains of culture specifically the business mountain. The business mountain is the mountain that funds every other mountain and small businesses are the largest employer in America! God wants to bless your business! Be sure to watch or listen to hear more.

We need you to partner with us so we can continue empowering and ministering the all people in every mountains of culture! Your success is our success, our success is your success, and our success together is Kingdom success! Find out how you can partner with VFNKB HERE and please share with us how has VFNKB impacted you? We want to hear from you! Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE.

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Why VFN Kingdom Business? VFNKB
How VFNtv Started

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