PROPHECY! God’s Avengers: God is Moving in the Land! Pastor John Kilpatrick



This is a prophecy! Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence, shares that God’s Avengers are raising up! “God’s Avengers they are going to be powerhouses. They are going to have lived such a rough life; they were addicted to all kinds of things; they are hardened yet God has touched them. Church is not going to move them. Criticism is not going to move them. Governments are not going to intimidate them. God is raising them up and they are about to hit the streets in this country and God is going to do great things!” He asked how many of us want to be used by God?

We see that President Donald Trump has set an example for the Church to stand for what is right and for what we believe no matter the opposition we face! We should be faithful and bold for our Lord because we will face people speaking against us. It is time to choose the fear of the Lord over the fear of man. We can be people who are known as faithful to the Lord and standing for Him no matter what we face.

The prophecy continues with Pastor Kilpatrick stating that God’s Avengers will shine with His countenance, with God’s glory! “When they stand up to preach, and when they stand up to give an altar call, He said it will so hard for the people to resist because guilt and shame bows at the presence of an anointed countenance.”

God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about Him. Psalms 89:7

Do you believe that God will be feared again in the assembly of the saints? Respect will be restored for His name! “Sinners will be so drastically converted by the goodness of God.” People will fear God by experiencing His kindness. We are forewarned of what is coming so that we can have our ears tuned to what is going to happen and what is currently taking place! We see people making a stand for God all over the world and including the United States military. We see an alter call of soldiers worshiping the Lord. This is encouraging and make sure you watch the full prophecy!

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WATCH! PROPHECY! God’s Avengers: God is Moving in the Land! Pastor John Kilpatrick

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