The Glory of God at the Brownsville Revival 



Greg shares his personal experience at the Brownsville Revival and how he experienced the glory of God and the weighty presence of God’s glory, with even experiencing God putting a new spirit in him. There is nothing like the glory of God! Greg shares how God’s glory was so strong that it was weighty pressing on him until he had to lay down on the floor!  Also, as he experienced the glory, the holiness of God checked him to be right in all that he did. Through his time in the presence of God, people were healed and were changed and they were never the same again. They didn’t want to leave but at the same time when they had to leave to eat the presence of God would even manifest in the restaurants they ate at. The glory of God is coming again and it will manifest like never before, as prophesied by Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence. These are exciting days ahead! Watch or listen now to hear the full conversation.

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God Responds to Your Hunger!
WATCH! The Glory of God at the Brownsville Revival + God Responds to Your Hunger!

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