PROPHECY! Angel Showed Dutch Sheets in Washington DC that “America Shall Be Saved!” 



God continues to share prophetic words with His people showing us what will take place soon. Dutch Sheets shares a prophetic word given by someone he knew. A courier angel showed up, carrying a scroll and he walked into the capital building into the house chamber, where the State of the Union speech takes place. It was a packed house! The angel was standing at the double doors where the president walks in and he said with authority “ALL RISE!!!” The angel opened the scroll because the verdict has been determined, and the verdict is that America Shall Be Saved! The glory of God filled the room like a cloud. God is headed to Washington, D.C. and is bigger than the religious/political spirit that is presently there. As the angel showed up in the prophetic encounter those who stood at the entrance fell to their knees, humble and broken by God’s presence. Those who would previously not stand were now on their knees says they were sorry. Some remained seated and it was known that judgment was starting to be ministered with God’s ruling authority being set in place.

These are exciting days and we must decree and declare what God has shown us! Be sure to watch or listen to hear the full prophecy. We want to hear from you. Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE.

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