PROPHECY! God Uses Diamonds to Gather the Harvest! 



God prepares His people with sharing prophetic words and Greg was told by the Lord that He will use diamonds to gather in the harvest! In the prophetic encounter Greg had a long glass whistle and when he blew on it no noise came out. The Lord told him it would take diamonds to blow the whistle! So he held his hands over a bed and said “Diamonds be in Jesus name.” Then rough diamonds appeared on the bed. He poured the diamonds into the whistle and as he did that people came from everywhere. They were taking doors off the hinges to get into where he was. As it has been prophesied there is a billion-soul harvest coming and Rick Joyner saying a thousand people a week coming into churches. We must be ready for this! Maybe you feel called to be a pastor? Pastor’s will be needed for the large harvest that is coming in! You can contact us HERE and we can help train you up to be ready to pastor as this harvest comes in. Also you can purchase Greg’s book I Will Fight: Ten Strategies for Success which takes us deeper into the truths that we need to prepare for the coming harvest. You can purchase your copy HERE. Write to us at [email protected] or in the VFNKB Community HERE.

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