PROPHECY! President Donald Trump Will Have a Prayer Task Force! Dutch Sheets


The prophetic word continues from Dutch Sheets as he shares how God showed someone prophetically that President Donald Trump will have a high-level strategic prayer task force! That has been launched which Dutch is a part of and it includes 60-70 ministries on this task force. This is so exciting, and we must remember to pray ourselves daily for our president and his cabinet. He also reminds us that we don’t have to like everything President Trump does, but we should recognize the fact that God put him in office. “There is more prayer going on in the executive branch of our government now than anytime in the history of this nation.” Praise God! Be sure to watch or listen to hear the full prophetic word.

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Image courtesy of Brett Jorgensen

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PROPHECY! President Donald Trump Will Have a God Encounter in the White House: Dutch Sheets

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