Dear VFNKB Family,

I wanted to personally wish you a Merry Christmas and pray you and your family are blessed with love and joy this season!  We want you to know how deeply loved, valued and appreciated you are by not only our VFNKB Team but by our incredible Creator!

As we look to close another amazing year, we are humbly reflecting on God’s goodness as we were able to continue to broadcast VFNtv to our global audience, launch our new YouTube Channel with over 30,000+ new subscribers, and over 12 million views.  We are reaching 192 countries; writing over 7,000+ articles on the VFN Torch; hosting over 100,000 Facebook followers; praying over 14,000+ hours  and producing over 312 programs in 2018. People are attending our online course on how to have an abiding relationship with God from all around the world. We call this family.  It has been an amazing journey thus far.

We launched the new VFNKB on-line media for you and all the VFNKB family to help continue to give you all the hope and wisdom in the mountain God has called you to shine your light in.

We are in the pre-release of my book, I WILL FIGHT, 10 Strategies to Fight for Your Success, as we’re working with our editors to make sure it’s the kind of inspiration for all those who will be reading it, listening to it and even those who will watch the video presentation on each of the strategies.  There is a path to success. On every path, there is also a fight; the fight of faith and wisdom to stay on that path and to continue moving on towards success! 

Our prayer is that you join hands with us as we, together, step into the amazing year that is days away; 2019!  We believe it’s going to be an even greater year than 2018.  We are preparing to step out further in creating  more online seminars for business and ministry leaders and bringing new enlightening insight on our television, radio, and podcast programs.  Our hope is that this will inspire many to be the change agent of light that God has called us all to be for His glory, as we see the hand of our God continue to do great and mighty things!

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

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