Impacting the Arts & Entrainment Mountain is Major League Baseball Pitcher, R. A. Dickey with his knuckleballs

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey at age 37 was the first-time All-Star but a long-time member of West End Community Church in Nashville. A literature major at the University of Tennessee, he names his bats after literary weapons such as Hunting, a sword in the epic poem Beowulf. Dickey languished in the minor leagues from 1996 to 2007, when he almost drowned trying to swim across the Missouri River. That became a turning point in his career: That year he mastered the knuckleball, which is ideally thrown without spin so that slight air movements over the ball’s stitched seams cause it to move in erratic and unpredictable way.

Being interviewed, he was asked, “In your recently published autobiography, Wherever I Wind Up, you’re explicit about how God saved and changed your life. Journalists have interviewed you a lot over the past several months. What percentage of the interviewers have asked about your Christian faith? He answered,Probably 15 to 20 percent.”  It is for this reason, the fact that 80 percent of journalists who are in the Media Mountain, and who were not interested in the “reason” why R. A. Dicky is a success that VFNKB is focused on the Arts & Entertainment Mountain.  We along with those we inspire want to help the R. A. Dicky’s of the world shine as bright as they can.  In this way they’ll be able to give others who have the same calling and talents a guiding light to follow a similar path. Read more.  Along with R. A. Dicky is Jim Cavielzel, who like Dicky, is impacting others as a light influencer in the movies.


We need warriors, actor, Jim Caviezel, declares with a warrior’s cry like speech before a large gathering who are part of Generation Y and Generation Z; people ranging from 18 to 24 years old getting ready to launch out into their lives.

There have been many tough roles for actors, but we couldn’t imagine one more difficult and with more consequences than playing God’s Son.  After sharing about the physical toll on his body and career Jim paid to play Jesus in the Passion of Christ, he charges the hearts of those listening to his warrior cry like speech.  He calls those in attendance who are part of Generation Y and Z, and who were hanging on every word that he so carefully spoke.  He challenges them saying, “Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation; you weren’t made to fit in, you were born to stand out…freedom exist not to do what you like but have the right to do what you ought.” Jim goes on to share an excerpt from the movie Braveheart when Mel Gibson stands before his ragtag army. “’Every man dies not every man truly lives…we all must fight for that authentic freedom and live’…You’re not called to blend in you are called to impact the world.” Nothing could have been more important for this Gen X and Gen Y’s to hear as they were stepping out to start their lives, their careers so they too can be a light influencer.  Jim wasn’t stopping there, he demonstrated how he was continuing to march on as a warrior sharing about his key role in the movie Paul, An Apostle of ChristRead more.  Jim is not alone as Benjamin Watson, of NFL New Orleans Saints, is a light influencer.

Benjamin Watson, of NFL New Orleans Saints, shines the light to truth upon a nation who has gathered on opposing sides as if they were not the same citizens of the same nation in hopes for healing and unity through honest Facebook post.

Bold, Honest and Encouraging Expression on Facebook – 860,000 likes later adds dimension to America’s discussion takes a compassionate heart of empathy and the tensions of understanding with many perspectives of many different ethnicities when a conversation regarding race is begun. In a recent Fox News interview, NFL athlete with the New Orleans Saints, Benjamin Watson, shares his own heart of what the nation is witnessing and what he is personally seeing. Through his transparent words and the meticulous dialogue, Watson expresses the myriad of emotions that so many can empathize with right now. When Watson first began the conversation on CNN, the interview was cut short before the fullness of his heart could be shared.  This time, he talks about his empathetic understanding of so many. As a father himself, he voices words of hope and a perspective that brings great encouragement. As we see the injustices rising in the land, it is vital to cry out for justice knowing that the only place any one person’s right place is at the foot of the cross. Hear the details of these monumental conversations, the array of voices that are beginning the conversation in this critical hour. Read more.  Benjamin Watson is a bright light influencer for good in the nation of America, yet those in the Media Mountain continue to dim his light when he was trying to shine, cutting the “reason” why he has the platform he has by cutting his interviews short.  It is for these reasons, that we raise up and encourage existing journalists and those with media talents so that like Benjamin Watson, and others like him can shine as bright as possible to be a guiding light for others who have similar talents and desires to be a bright light in the sports in the Entertainment Mountain.  Just like Benjamin, Tim Tebow has let his light shine from college football, NFL, and Baseball.

Tim Tebow Forbes most influential NFL player

Forbes Magazine names Tim Tebow the most influential NFL player. The interesting thing is that Tim Tebow did not play a single play in that year’s football season.  What did Tim do?  He lived his life dedicated to the Lord before all.  He loved Jesus unashamedly and was not scared to share it, even when it cost him personal ridicule.  But there was a key ingredient yet to be mentioned.  Tim also shared with others how much the Lord loves and cares for them, while he himself, took the time to be kind and loving himself off the field.  That is a vital part of the story.  Tim Tebow works very hard to condition himself and strengthen himself to play football on the highest levels.  He is committed to working with integrity and excellence.  His ability to be a light influencer in the Arts & Entertainment Mountain, i.e. Sports, has challenged not only those in sports, but all who make the same claims.   Tim was raised to popular prominence in his bull like qualities on the field and gentle personal qualities off the field playing quarter back for the Florida Gators.  He is known for painting “John 3:16” under each of his eyes, as he pushed as hard as he could to “win the prize” college football offers those who do.  Read more.  It’s important to understand that Tim works hard to be as excellent as he can in his choice of work which happens to be football and baseball.  It’s vitally important to understand if one has not perfected their craft, the message they are called to share through voice or actions has not yet been perfected.  When you choose to walk in excellence within your choice of careers or business ownership, your light shines bright like Tim, and others will come to see and hear.  Tim shares his story in his book, This Is Your Day. Don’t miss the importance of perfecting your craft, talents, and skills.  Join the next VFNKB Webinar to take your next step in perfecting talents and skills like Tim Tebow.