Stand for What You Believe: Speech By Congressman Trey Gowdy At Liberty University

Trey Gowdy has garnered quite the reputation as an outspoken Congressman with values and morals as he speaks out for the many issues that are foundations in our nation. Congressman Gowdy enthusiastically shared these words of values and morals when he spoke to a packed auditorium a Liberty University.

As he addressed all of those in attendance, he stated that some might believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. With this in mind, he points to an interesting moment in history: The Melia Dialogue. It was a dialogue between two people, the Melos and the Athenians. On the verge of war, the Athenians comprised an army that dwarfed the Melians. The Melians refused to cower down and maintained their resolute efforts to wage war against the Athenians; all the way to their entire destruction. With this in mind, Congressman Gowdy asks this revealing question: “What do you believe in enough that you would march forward even if you knew that you were marching forward to a certain defeat?” Additionally, he asks this series of follow up questioning; “Which do you value more; truth or freedom? Unity or diversity?”

Congressman Gowdy refers to his extensive experience in politics and the many dialogues and conversations that he has had with others, never once resorting to attempting to convince another that something was wrong. “Do you believe in the respect for the rule of law?” As he points out, it is this rule of law that levels the playing field for every citizen of America. No matter the income or economic status, everyone should abide by the speed limit, regardless of who you are. “What do we believe? And why do we believe the things that we do?” If we as the Church are going to have an effective witness to others, we must know why we hold the convictions in our hearts that we do. Read more.

It is vital for Christians to stand for what we believe especially on college campuses where there is an intense battle to marginalize and demean those of the Christian faith.  The wealthy and the elite should be the only ones who control the flow of education.  Education is for everyone, no matter their socio-economic status.

School Choice for Every Student; Not Just the Wealthy, Connected, and Elected.  Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

We have prayed continually for God’s will to be done in the Earth, in America, and within our government; and for God to do something within our education. For so long, education within America has been used for propaganda, not for history, science, or math, and not for the benefit of our children. Of all the people that President Trump would appoint to head the Department of Education, he has appointed Betsy DeVos. Her husband is the founder of Amway, and her father is the founder of the light visors that many of us have in our own cars. They’ve been entrusted with over $5 Billion in wealth, see how she has chose to use it to bless American children and young adults with their education so everyone of them has a chance.  Now, she is using her own personal resources to benefit the children of America. The DeVos family understands that they have been blessed to be a blessing. Their lives are proof positive that God doesn’t mind getting things to us as long as He can get things through us.

Secretary of Education DeVos was recently interviewed at the CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, and she was asked what she was doing to make sure that all children in our nation had the freedom of school choice, not just the wealthy, and connected. At the onset, Secretary DeVos shares what is happening in the K-12 grades. “In K-12 world, that includes the implementation of the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act’.” Secretary DeVos emphasizes how this Act will provide more resources to the states regarding options for students. The Secretary has encouraged states to access these resources.

Secretary DeVos is also concerned about the many military families that we have across the nation with school-aged children. “Their decisions about where they go, or where they don’t go, or whether they continue to serve, hinge very heavily on the opportunities they have for their children’s education.” Read more.

This is so important to recognize. An education is for everyone not just the wealthy.  Join the movement and sign up for the VFNKB Webinar; get empowered to be the agent of change and “light” influencer that the present times require. School Choice is not just for the elected few, but for every child, regardless of their region or city. Our children to have choices when it comes to their education.

School Vouchers & School Choice! NO MORE One Size Does Not Fit All-Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos

These are exciting days that are happening within the Department of Education. When Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, was recently interviewed at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference, she was asked about what new developments are taking place in our education department under the Trump Administration.

Secretary DeVos was asked about the specific meaning of what “school vouchers” entail when applied to education. When discussing vouchers, Secretary DeVos shares an exhaustive list of what can fall under the category of mechanisms for education. But, she underscores the need for ‘education freedom’. Secretary DeVos further explains, “that allows us to think more broadly about what education should be.” As any parent or teacher understands, all children learn differently. “We need to look at a system, that for too long, has forced kids into more a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, and create environments where new creative approaches are able to come in and be tried…”

Every child and student deserve a choice of where they want to receive their education in order to choose their own destiny. Read more.

As important as school choice is and the access to education are to our children and our country we must never forget the impact Jesus and Christianity has had on our education system.  VFNKB is about encouraging you and helping you to recapture your vision of being the light influencer in the education mountain impacting generations to come.

How our Educational System has been Impacted by Jesus and Christianity

Jesus has called us to transform nations. But, what does that look like? Bill Bright shared what the Lord revealed to him, that to transform nations, we must impact and transform all seven Mountains of Culture. When we look at just one aspect, education, we can see how Christianity has not only affected culture, but greatly transformed it.

As Impact 360 Institute reminds us Jesus spent much of His time teaching others. In response, many Christians have followed His lead by teaching others. “So, Christians developed schools, and later, monasteries, laying the groundwork for modern education.”  As children grow up, completing high school, many are asked what their directions are regarding college. What people might not know is how Christianity affected the universities throughout America. “Christians founded 106 of the first 108 universities in the U.S.”

Of all the things that would take place in our nation’s history, it is unthinkable that we would allow God to be taken out of our schools. The schools and school systems that we see today in America would not be possible if it weren’t for God. Our education, even those in home-schooling, should cause us to be grateful to God. We would not have education today if it weren’t for Christianity. Read more.

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