PROPHECY! God Is Shifting the Church Back to His Original Intent: Shift with God- Chuck Pierce

Christians are bored with the church as many know it to be, Chuck Pierce shares a riveting understanding. “They’re bored with the old wineskin. They’re bored with a church that didn’t shift”. Pierce continues to point out that this year “is a year of unlocking.” Many have gotten caught up being focused on church when Jesus calls us to “seek first the Kingdom”. Pierce explains, ‘if we quit unlocking the Kingdom, if we quit moving in God’s plan for how He wants us to move, our structure gets old’. Pierce continues to point out how this year can be seen by the events that are described in the Book of Ruth.

What God is doing within His Church is nothing like we have seen before. This coming harvest is beyond any minister or congregation. People are not seeking the platform of ministry anymore. The stage is not going to be there anymore. It is important to recognize that we need to introduce others too who Jesus is and to be able to hear His voice. God loves each of us personally. He rewards those who diligently seek Him.  Read More.

Greatest Harvest of Souls Through CYBER EVANGELISM, GOLD PROVISION’, Patricia King

These are truly exciting days as the greatest harvest of souls upon the face of the Earth is about to begin. For a long time, we have been speaking prophetically about what the Lord is about to do in this generation. Patricia King has also been speaking prophetically along similar lines and recently released a prophetic word revealing how the Lord is going to bring many to Him. God doesn’t mind us being blessed, but He wants us to allow those blessings to pass through us to bless others. This coming harvest is going to require a large amount of resources, and we must be willing to utilize those resources for His glory. As Patricia King explains, this coming Harvest will be carried out through “Cyber Evangelism”.

“God is about to release a powerful and massive harvest of souls along with the discipleship and mentoring of new Believers through the use of the “inter-net” beginning in 2018. Cyber-evangelism and discipleship will be implemented in the Church as a tool for bringing in this great harvest.”

As King refers to Scripture, she looks at Revelation 14:6-7, 14-16. It is in this portion of Scripture she shares, “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth.” King refers to this “midair” as the “cyber heavens. Continuing to look at this scripture reveals another angle using a sickle to reap, for the time of the harvest has come. King continues, “Miracles, signs, and wonders will be released in great measure to bring in the harvest. Gold also stands for provision/wealth. This harvest will be provided for with blessing from God’s glory realm.”

God has called us to disciple the nations, as is commanded of all the Church in the Great Commission. When we consider that a mighty harvest is upon us, and “Cyber Evangelism” will be carried out, King begins to share what this can look like if 500 to 1000 new believers were to come to you. Considering this harvest will be too large for any building to maintain, many are going to search and find resources via the internet. “Through the internet, we can be assured that they can have access to all they need for foundational teaching, and through social media we can reach them relationally with pastoral mentoring and input.”

This coming harvest is too large for only a few ministries to handle. It is going to require the labor and faithfulness of the entire Body of Christ. “Every individual can reach out through the cyber advantages we have today with social media. It is easy to share testimonies and invitations to come to Christ. Entire church congregations can get involved.”

What is additionally encouraging is what King describes of what she was shown. “I saw a number of individuals who are currently technically groomed, being anointed by God in this season. New ideas and technical possibilities for harvesting will come forth. I also saw social media marketers being anointed and called into the harvest fields of cyber-evangelism and discipleship for such a time as this.” There has never been a generation, other than this present generation, which is more tech-savvy and immersed in the developing technology to reach and communicate with other people. With the click of our mouse, the like of a message, or the share of a post, we can reach others across the entire globe.

As King continues to detail, this year is the BEGINNING of this harvest. “The Lord revealed that the harvest is NOW, and we are not to delay in laying the sickle into the fields but 2020 will be the significant year for the greatest harvest of souls that has ever been reaped. It is time to receive your strategy from the Lord and act on it.”

We must look to the heavenlies with expectation, and we must look to Scripture for wisdom and ask Holy Spirit how we are to respond the way that He wants us to. These are days of excitement and hope that we have been created to participate in. Read More.

God’s Generals; Smith Wigglesworth and Just Maybe You?

Many people have amazing stories of how they followed God and impacted their culture and society. These are all people who are just like you and me. We need to believe God and what He has called us to do. Smith Wigglesworth is written about in this book, he was a plumber and had a stuttering problem, but he stepped out in faith, and God worked through him with powerful miracles, because he just went after God. Now he is known as one of God’s Generals. He just said yes to God, and the world was changed through his ministry. Read More.

‘Third Great Awakening is Here; we need to decree it as a Billion more people will be coming to know the Lord,’ Dutch Sheets

These are truly exciting days that God has allowed us to be a part of. Looking back on the 8 years of the last administration, it was simply horrible, to see what was done in such a short period of time. Regardless of the direction that America was led into during the last administration, there is hope to be found. As Dutch Sheets has recently shared, there is a turn-around taking place.

As Sheets explains, Cindy Jacobs shared a prophetic word at the beginning of 2017 that there would be 10 months of turmoil that would end in February of 2018. “And then there would be 3 years of turnaround for America.” This doesn’t mean the Church can sit idle and wait for God to move. As Sheets points out, the Church must press in deeper into the things of God.

“There’s another level of intercession, prophetic declaration, kingly intercession, making decrees for Him, that is going to now launch us into what we’ve been asking for, for 25-30 years; a Third Great Awakening in America and another Great Awakening around the world. And, I believe, the greatest harvest in history begins now.”

Sheets further explains that we have to follow the similar steps of prayer and seeking the Lord, as our founding fathers did when America was birthed. “I need to use what I used to birth you, to rebirth you because America needs a rebirth”. Sheets goes on to also explain what it means to turn around. “The turnaround is a reversal of the turning away from God in this nation…We are an apostate nation. We have rejected Him.” Sheets points to the hearts of Americans throughout the nation as the target where ultimate change and transformation must take place. It is in this response, in our hearts, that we will see a mighty transformation in all aspects of our lives, our nation, and the Earth. “I believe we’ll see more people saved in the next 20 years than we have in the previous 2,000…The best days of the Church are not behind us. They are ahead of us.”

God is waiting for us to agree with Him and ask Him for this mighty outpouring of His Spirit upon the Earth. Whatever we bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven. Whatever we loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven. God has already loosed the Third Great Awakening. He is now waiting for His Church to walk in agreement and decree it with their mouths! Read More.