Liberty Is An Anomaly & Why Every Great Empire In The Past Has Lost It Professor Walter Williams, George Mason University

For those of us in America, we may not fully understand the cost that was embraced by those that fought for America to be birthed. As a professor at George Mason University, Professor Walter Williams shares some incredible insight into the reality of what sets America apart when compared to the long list of other countries throughout history. When he sat down with Mark Levin, he shared some thought-provoking comments about America.

One of the things that sets America apart is its free exercise of liberty. According to Professor Walter Williams, he explains it as “people being able to engage in peaceable, voluntary exchange, without interference by others.” What is additionally intriguing about liberty, as Professor Williams explains, it simply isn’t normal in history. “Throughout mankind’s history, he’s been subject to arbitrary abuse and control by others.” Do we presently understand the blessings of liberty afforded to us in America?

According to history, liberty has always been lost. When we look at the flag of America, the red represents the tremendous bloodshed that was required to birth this nation Read more.  This is so important because the absence of liberty means the presence of captivity.  We must rediscover as a nation the original intent of the founding fathers; that we are to have a government by the people for the people. VFNKB empowers people everywhere who are called to serve their country as servant leaders.  To serve in such a way that where laws are passed that don’t violate God’s supreme law. It matters who are your elected representatives.  If you are called to the government mountain, we want to empower you to seize the movement and scale your mountain to be a “light” influencer for the kingdom of God.   Reverend Martin Luther King was that individual as he fought tirelessly for the equality of all men and held our elected officials to what was written in the Constitution.

Civil Christianity Walking Together In LOVE: Join the Movement Today.  Civil

We are called as Christians to be about the Father’s business. We call this the VFN Kingdom Business, VFNKB; our job is to advance the Kingdom of God, which is not a natural kingdom but a spiritual Kingdom. Bill Bright, with Campus Crusade, shared some great insight into our culture and broke it down into seven spheres of culture, which can be called mountains. And these Mountains of Culture can be found in every nation! God has called us to make disciples in each mountain which are identified as: Government, Family, Business, Media, Religion/Faith, Education, and Arts and Entertainment.

We need to join together in unity as the Church to further God’s Kingdom in each of these mountains of culture.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great example of a leader who joined together thousands of people in unity to help with the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King had each of the participants who walked with him to sign an agreement to 10 commitments, so they were all in unity.

At VFNKB we carry on these 10 commitments with small adjustments for today’s culture. You can stand in agreement with all those who are standing up for God by going to Civil When you have done everything to stand, all you can then do is stand. Be encouraged and know that as you stand for what is right and walk in love, you are furthering the Kingdom of God!  Read more.

E Pluribus Unum “Out of many, one.”  This statement is found on our nation’s seal.  Divided we fall; united we stand.  We are moving closer and closer to a nation that is in alignment with God.  Alignment with God is the ultimate unity.   We begin this when we as citizens and elected officials with differences come together to seek God’s blessing and favor upon our nation and to reach out to God through prayer.

“We Love God” “We See God’s Grace…” President Trump. National Prayer Breakfast, 66th Annual Event

Members from both parties of our government once again gathered together for the National Prayer Breakfast at the 66th annual event, which was also the second Prayer Breakfast that President Trump has attended. There has been so much division that was demonstrated between our two parties of government. But, this event demonstrates how this is not always true. Franklin Graham, who also attended the event, shares the significance of the event.

“It was a privilege to be at the National Prayer Breakfast… Many powerful testimonies to God and prayers for our country were shared by different individuals. The Prayer Breakfast is a bipartisan event co-chaired by a Democrat and a Republican. This just goes to show you that both parties in Washington can work together–when we come together in Jesus’ Name.”

When we look to the National Prayer Breakfast, as an important defining moment to remember where we came from to recognize the beauty of where we are now. President Trump recognizes how the founders of our nation acknowledge God. “Each year this event reminds us that faith is central to American life and to liberty. Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares ‘In God We Trust.’ And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim we are ‘One Nation Under God.” Read more.  The nation that prays together stays together. Now where so many are being used to polarize and divide people from each other; this is the perfect time to scale the government mountain and be a “light” influencer for the Kingdom of God.  Jesus and Christianity have a long history of influences nations for good.

How Christianity Has Specifically Impacted Government

Jesus has called us to transform nations. But, what does that look like? Bill Bright shared what the Lord revealed to him, that to transform nations, we must impact and transform all seven Mountains of Culture. When we look at just one aspect, government, we can see how Christianity has not only affected the government but greatly transformed it.

According to Impact 360 Institute, “Christians were the first people in history to systematically fight against slavery.” It was through these transformative efforts from Christians that caused laws to be passed that made slavery illegal.  “Slavery in the west was abolished largely because of the efforts of William Wilberforce, in England, and the abolitionists in America.” It was their faith in Jesus that was demonstrated through their convictions of seeing slavery ended. “Christianity provides the moral foundation not only of anti-slavery but also of democracy.”

When we look at the Democracy of America’s government, we can see the Judeo-Christian values of the Bible, interwoven throughout its foundation.  “The belief in free will opposes tyranny and leads to a representative government.” Even the establishment of the three branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, comes from the teachings found in the Bible. “The idea of being governed by the rule of law, rather than the authority of man, flows from the 10 Commandments.”

When we look around the world, every place that you do not see Christianity practiced in government, you won’t see freedom.

Bible Study in The White House! First in Almost 100 Years!

There are so many powerful things taking place that it’s hard to keep up with all that the Lord is doing in our midst. It’s important not to miss God’s miraculous hand and to recognize that what we are seeing is no coincidence or accident! The White House is holding a Bible Study! This is another mighty answer to our prayers. God has placed people in leadership in our government, around our President, that continually seek the face of God for wisdom!

Who exactly is taking part in this Bible Study? Health Secretary Tom Price; Secretary of Energy Rick Perry; Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos; Director of the CIA/Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, Secretary of HUD Dr. Ben Carson; Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Vice President Mike Pence; and Administrator of the EPA Scott Pruitt are just some of the ones who are continually active in the gatherings.  Read more.  Seeking wisdom and insight from the Bible as American Executive Branch’s Cabinet leaders give’s America a greater chance of being able to stand during difficult storms that may come our way.    Read, Watch & Listen to thousands of articles we’ve written or broadcasted for encouraging and inspire you, many of which are on the Government Mountain.