#SuccessSecrets – T.D. Jakes, God Wants You to Succeed where You Work, Play, and Live; In LIFE

Some may think that success is something that other people can experience. Jesus Christ wants all of us to experience the fullness of this life. When recently speaking to CBN News, T.D. Jakes shared some of the principles that he has learned in life. “Christ didn’t say that ‘I have come so that you might have church’. He said, ‘I’ve come so that you might have life, and have that life more abundantly.’” Some may categorize this as a prosperity gospel message, but Jakes continues. “I’m not trying to make people rich. This is not a prosperity preaching message. This is about empowering people to accomplish that dream.”

Many people are wanting to know, is there a better way to do ‘church’? How do I get promoted in the workplace? How do I raise my children? How do I affect media? There is a mountain of culture that God has created you to impact and make a difference. This is what VFNKB is all about. We want to empower you to make an affect and difference where God has called you to. Read more.

What is so fascinating about this is that God is not only for your success He expects it.  Every living thing that God created is to reproduce and bear fruit.  It’s time to fuel your passions and reach higher levels of success causing you to have the impact you not only desire but that the Lord expects.   VFNKB is here to support you and to empower you with real tools, training, and coaching.  Your success is our success and together we have kingdom success.  To reach these levels we will have to learn and apply to our lives key principles.

VFNKB #SuccessSecrets: MAGIC JOHNSON, Key Principles for Success in Business & Life. LA Laker & Entrepreneur

God cares about your success and wants you to be able to have the wisdom of those who have gone before you. In the business realm, it is often difficult to see the breakthroughs that you are desiring. Magic Johnson knows this all too well. After a prestigious career in the NBA, with the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson achieved success off the courts too, in business. When speaking to a classroom of attentive students at Stanford Graduate School for Business, Johnson shares some wisdom that he has learned on his journey.

Simply put, Johnson shares that the one truth that has helped in his relations with his customers is to “overdeliver”. He continues to explain, “if you are going to be in business, and especially today’s marketplace, you gotta overdeliver to the consumer.” It was this application of overdelivering that allowed Johnson to overcome the repeated responses of “NO” from those he was desiring to do business with.   This is such an important truth in business. Why do people underdeliver, or simply deliver to meet expectations at all? Don’t settle for providing or producing 100 percent. If you want the promotion, if you want the raise, you must give 110 percent. You must give beyond what is expected. You must overdeliver. When you overdeliver and exceed their expectations, you are laying a solid foundation that will attract people to work and invest in you.  How are you overdelivering? What strategies are you implementing to overdeliver with your customer base? Read more. When working from a place of principles, success secrets, and values, your decision making comes from within and you make choices and take action on those things that are in alignment with kingdom success.  Just as important as the principles, success secrets, and values are for your upward movement you must work within your God ordained gifts to truly have the success and impact that matters in the end.

VFNKB #SuccessSecrets – Your Gifts are God’s Gift to you What you do with those gifts, is your gift to God

Did you know that God wants you to be successful? Sometimes we believe that to be successful, we must learn a new talent. Did you know that God has given you certain gifts, right now? Your gifts are God’s gifts to you. But, what you do with those gifts are your gifts to God. If you’re the best artist around, the best minister, whatever it is, it’s simply about being passionate and faithful with what you are given. Leave the results up to God. What talents and gifts has God given you? What are you using and giving back to God? Read more.  God has created you to be one of a kind.  Within you lies giftings and talents given to you by God.  We understand all too well at VFNKB the need not only to discover these amazing gifts but to understand the power of the submitting those gifts to God for the assignment He has had for you before the creation of the world.

“The Anointing is on You for Your Assignment!” says Lance Wallnau Advancing the Kingdom of God by Conquering the 7 Mountains of Culture!

Jesus called us to transform our culture. No matter what culture we are in, or what culture we desire to impact for Jesus Christ, these areas or spheres of society are the following: Family, Religion/Faith Mountain, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Education, and Business. When we begin to understand how each of these spheres affect culture, we can begin to understand why we have been placed where we are, so we can effectively use our gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God. But, the big question is, how do we do this? Lance Wallnau addresses how to impact culture. This is the essence of VFN Kingdom Business!

When we look at our present society, we can easily recognize that not all the areas of culture are moving in accordance with the Kingdom of God. This is because of who is at the top of each of these mountains. “The anointing is on you to command. The command is on you for the assignment; and the assignment that God has, is for you to deal with the darkness.”  Read more. There is an urgency of now that is descending upon the awakened ones.  Those who truly understand that the whole reason for their life is for the moment of now.  No matter what sphere you are called to; VFNKB recognizes our need for you to be successful right where God has called you; to impact that mountain with “light” influence changing the culture where you work, live and play for the Glory of God and His Kingdom.