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PROPHECY! God is Blowing the Hinges off the Newsroom! Three CNN Reporters Laid Off for Fake News? Prophetic Word from Bill Yount being Fulfilled!

God is continually revealing how in control He is. He is not surprised nor shocked at what is taking place in the world. As the Spirit of the Lord recently revealed to Bill Yount, “God is blowing the Hinges off the Newsroom!” More specifically, Bill Yount shares prophetically what the Lord made known to him.

“I heard this Jewish carpenter declaring, “The day of trying to force square pegs into round holes is over. I’m carving out a new place for My so called ‘misfits’ to influence the government of this nation.  Since My foolishness is wiser than man’s wisdom, many will wonder what I’m up to in Washington, DC.  I’m digging up the foundation of a nation until it hits rock bottom. I will hew it out of My rock of ages. Many will witness My explosive power like dynamite, interrupting and shaking the hell out of this nation, releasing a tsunami effect worldwide with the fear of the Lord. The fuse has been lit. Stay focused on Me and don’t get addicted to the news of this world. Up until now they have blocked Me out, but the media will soon give way as I blow the hinges off of newsrooms.”

As God is blowing the hinges off of the newsrooms, look at what just took place in the media. Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently shared about the “credibility crisis” that is taking place within CNN. Hannity further explains, “[CNN] is under fire, yet again, pushing fake news. Now three employees supposedly ‘resigned’ last night after the network had to retract a completely false story about…Anthony Scaramucci, claiming that he was being investigated for ‘colluding with the Russians’ through dealings with a Russian investment fund.” As the truth has now been revealed that the stories coming from CNN are indeed false, President Trump has responded with his own take on the situation by tweeting this: “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!”

Hannity continues to show the repeated history of false claims that have had to be retracted by CNN during the last month. Hannity also points to a recent video released by Project Veritas that reportedly shows an undercover meeting with CNN Supervising Producer, John Bonifield. In this meeting, Bonifield describes, how after covering the climate accord for a day and a half, was then told to return to coverage on Russia. “And the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said, ‘good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with it let’s get back to Russia.’” The coverage continues to show Bonifield stating that CNN does not “have any big giant proof” regarding any claim involving Russia to be credible. Hannity also points out a recent Harvard study that reveals CNN’s coverage of President Trump, from January 20 to April 29, 93% of what CNN reported was negative. Read more.

It is imperative to understand that our present news coverage is not what it used to be.  It is important to understand that things are not what they appear as it relates to the media.  It’s time for misinformation to come to an end but just as important its time be selective in who we choose to receive our news from. This is one of the reasons VFNtv exist today; that is to provide a biblical and authentic perspective to todays news and current events.  It’s not enough to know the news but you must know what to do with the news you know.

A Look at How the Biased Media Reports the March for Life; and the Reality of What ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

It is so important to not only know what is going on around the world, and in the nation, it is also vitally important to receive an accurate perspective about today’s current events. It’s not enough just to know the news; we must know God’s news behind the news. We have begun a new season and it’s important that we change our language to walk in agreement with what God is doing. By listening solely to secular media, with their world view, we are not going to get the full story, or receive a Biblical perspective about what is happening. This couldn’t be more applicable than considering how the mainstream media covered the events of the 2010 March for Life.

Steve Sanborn did an outstanding job when he revealed how the biased media portrayed the 2010 March for Life in such a jaded, and slanted point-of-view. Looking back at the 2009, March, Sanborn points out how their 6-person camera crew looked for any Pro-Choice demonstrators they could find. At the end of the events, they found none. Yet, as Sanborn revealed, “news networks managed to find a handful”, and it was an image of these “handful” that helped to define the events. To accurately report how the events unfolded, March for Life used rooftop cameras to capture the massive crowds snaking through the streets. “Our rooftop cameras captured counted nearly 350,000.” But, that’s not all.

Sanborn continues to point out how the biased media covered the event when he looks at how CNN reported the 2010 March. “CNN gave that same pathetic, handful of pro-aborts, top billing.” The picture that CNN used captured five different pro-abortion demonstrators. Sanborn sarcastically repeats the words of CNN’s response; “As I look at these signs”, asked CNN’s Rick Sanchez, on air, “which side is represented the most? Do we know?” Sanborn brings attention to Newsweek reporting that went above CNN reporting. CNN headline? “Who’s Missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Anniversary Demonstrations? Young Women.” Read more.

It is moments like these where the recent trend in media has been to either misinform or outright lie to the American people.  Now more than ever is the time to join the movement at VFNKB.  We empower individuals to become the media.  Everyone today has access to a camera with so many outlets to get the news out.  Never before has there been a time where every person with a smart phone can be an embedded reported.  Join the movement and get connected to the webinar where you will have access to coaching and training to be an effective communicator and “light” influencer in the media mountain.  If you feel called to be in media or to use media as a light influencer, consider joining the VFN Intership, VFNI, where you can get the foundational experience you’ll need to succeed!

PROPHECY! You Tube Millionaires, Cindy Jacobs

God is shifting how money will be generated in this season. No longer will things be limited to how they once were. Cindy Jacobs recently prophesied that there will be YouTube Millionaires”. With clear simplicity, Jacobs proclaims, “Just believe. Some of you, let the anointing come upon you. Just say ‘I take it’”. Jacobs follows the leadership of the Spirit when she begins to prophesy about corruption being exposed. “The Lord is getting ready to expose corruption that is so systemic, so endemic, so seemingly hidden that they thought they could not be rooted out, but the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is getting ready to reveal, the covers are going to get ripped off.” She continues to point out how this will clearly be stated in many headlines.

It’s time to put all the religion of men aside and simply follow the anointing of the Lord. God is bringing down the gavel on the evil doer. His gavel of justice will bring immediate provision into the Kingdom. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. Read more.

This is encouraging in many ways.  You Tube is for the most part an unrestricted media outlet that offers individuals a low entry to broadcast content.  If that’s all they provided that would be wonderful however, they created a platform that can be monetized.  The end result is individuals can be compensated for sharing content.  Less resources going to large media companies that misinform our society.  VFNKB see this as part of our platform to gather our tribe and provide relevant media that informs, inspires and motivates our tribe, to also give platform to those in our tribe to share so that we together can reach higher levels of success. Join the movement!