Armor of God! Are you Spiritual but Naked?

By Greg Lancaster

For someone to be prepared for battle as part of the military, the very first thing done is to equip them for the battle.  Each piece of equipment has been well thought out and established over the many thousands of years men have been in battles and what they have learned.  Did you know that everyone is in a spiritual battle?  Whether we acknowledge it or not we are.  What is so wonderful is that God didn’t leave us defenseless.  He equips us for the battles we face with the armor of God. It’s something you must put on, by faith, every day to assure you can withstand the attacks of the devil and his evil schemes he brings against yours and your loved ones.  In this message, you will discover the components of the Armor of God, what each one is for and how to put them on.  Never again, will you be caught unarmed for the spiritual battles that are ahead…Read More!


By Greg Lancaster

Could you imagine being taken to heaven, standing at the doorway to the throne room of God?  Well, that is what happened to Greg Lancaster and he tries his best to describe what it was like.  This message will help you gain a right perspective of everything in your life including a clearer understanding of the AWEsomeness of God and how important it is to understand what it would be like to stand before God without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You’ll discover, or rediscover Who Jesus is, what Jesus has done and the importance of Jesus in your life and when you stand in the throne room of God as each of us has an appointed time to do this very thing.  You’ll help see the difference between God’s favor here in our lives and the favor of God in heaven; eternity.