This is not a Lottery!

LISTEN NOW!  Laugh with Greg, Pat and John as they share about the time John decided we needed to have a raffle to help raise money to help take fatherless…
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I Was Wrong! – The Fonz

Greg, Pat and John were speaking about the mercy of God and how we just need to say “I am wrong” to God and decide to obey Him; do it…
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It Was Raining Sideways!

  LISTEN NOW!  Enjoy the humorous memory as Greg and Pat speak about how during what is now known as a Next Step Outback event they were confronted by the…
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Don’t let him see your ankles!

LISTEN NOW!  Greg shares about his time in Savannah GA and  Pat finds out who Paula Deen is for the first time!It is said that the reason why there were…
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Student Pulls Machine Gun

LISTEN NOW!  Greg shares about his time as a school resource officer as a Deputy Sheriff and how a student makes a machine gun that shoots over 100 rubber bands…
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Can this guy hold your hand?

Depending on how you feel about being touched by strangers, the following video will either be “awkwardly touching,” as Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman puts it, or flat out cringe-inducing. We chose…
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